Komet Dragonfly 2 Harness

Komet Dragonfly 2 Harness

Komet Dragonfly 2 Harness

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Light and ergonomic, the Dragonfly II positioning belt has been designed to meet the requirements of the tree pruning professionals.

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The new lightweight and ergonomic Dragonfly  positioning belt has been especially designed to meet the requirements of the  tree pruning professionals. Combining technical features (side and front  anchorage points) with comfort of use (anti-sweating back pad and ergonomic seat  strap), it is particularly adapted to operations where the tree pruner is in  suspension. Seat straps, leg straps and different lengths of front anchorage  straps are also available and interchangeable.


Excellent Freedom of Movement The lightweight  materials and ergonomic design enhance manoeuvrability and are particularly  adapted to operations where the tree-pruner is continually moving around the  tree. Greater Comfort A wider, more robust padded belt and padded leg straps  ensure good support and a more comfortable fit. The rigid seat strap option  increases comfort during prolonged work in suspension. Greater Versatility The  leg straps, seat strap and front anchorage parts are all interchangeable on the  Dragonfly tree-pruning belt, enabling the climber to easily adapt the belt to a  particular work site.