Mitox 41 LSH Log Splitter

Mitox 41 LSH Log Splitter

Mitox 41 LSH Log Splitter

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The Mitox 41 LSH may be the most compact log splitter in the range, but still delivers up to 4 tonnes of splitting force making it suitable for most domestic wood splitting tasks.
The log splitter frame will accept logs up to 37cm in length and 25mm in diameter and once the two control switches are activated, the reinforced pushblock will drive the log into the splitting wedge, quickly and safely split the wood into two pieces.
The safety cage which covers the splitting area prevents the wood leaving the log splitter and also ensures the splitting area is completely isolated for maximum safety.
When working with smaller logs, the distance which the ram returns after each split can be limited using the QuickSplit function to speed up the splitting process.
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Reinforced Pushblock
All Mitox log splitters feature a reinforced pushblock. When working with high splitting forces and tough, knotted woods, the sturdy reinforced pushblock provides reliable and durable force without fail.
Safe in Operation
The two handed operation with handguards prevent the possibility of the operator’s hands being pinched by the splitter. As soon as a switch is released, the splitter returns to its start position.
Well Balanced
The wide log cradle allows you to easily place logs to be split, holding them in place on the splitting beam. Safety is improved as the operator does not need to hold the log in place as it is split.
Type Horizontal Splitter
Motor 240V
Power 1500W
Max Split Force 4 Tonne
Max Split Diameter 25cm
Max Split Length 37cm
Cable Length 5m
Weight 45kg
Homeowner Warranty 3 Years (Terms Apply)


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Firewood Processing