Oregon A074(12) 12″ Powersharp Bar and Unit

Oregon A074(12) 12″ Powersharp Bar and Unit

Oregon A074(12) 12″ Powersharp Bar and Unit

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PowerSharp® is a unique, proprietary saw chain and sharpening tool that gives the user the power to sharpen their PowerSharp® chain, on the saw, on the job, in seconds. The PowerSharp® system comprises four components that work together to provide a fast, simple and portable method of sharpening PowerSharp® saw chain. The Oregon PowerSharp system is available for most chainsaws that run on a 3/8″ Picco (Low Profile 1.3mm / 0.050″) chain. *Please note, chain and stone are sold separately and are required for the initial set up* Model A074(12) is 12″ – please email us and we will advise which model will fit your chain saw. Visit www.powersharp.co.uk for further information and demonstration videos

Full Details

The four components of the PowerSharp® system are sold in two packs:

PACK 1 – One contains the specific PowerSharp® guide bar and sharpening unit (Current item listing)

PACK 2 – The other contains the specific PowerSharp® chain and sharpening stone. (Available separately – see related products)

To get started with PowerSharp® you will need both packs. The chain can be sharpened between 5 and 15 times, depending on the conditions. It must always be replaced at the same time as the sharpening stone. Replacement chains are sold with a replacement sharpening stone.

Pack 1 – A074(12) 12″

PowerSharp® Guide Bar

  • Lightweight and manoeuvrable, the PowerSharp® guide bar is designed as a direct replacement.                
  • Alignment and latch pinholes for the proprietary sharpening tool ensure perfect alignment between the cutter and the stone.
  • Small nose radius helps to reduce kickback energy.
  • Available in three lengths for the majority of saw mounts.

Sharpening Unit

  • Clamps over the end of the PowerSharp® guide bar when sharpening.

Pack 2 – PS44E 12″

Sold separately –