Pocketwind 3 Anemometer

Pocketwind 3 Anemometer

Pocketwind 3 Anemometer

£119.99 excl. VAT

£143.99 incl. VAT

Full Details

The Pocketwind is a handy pocket sized anemometer.

It can be operated with one hand and comes with an hard cover that protects the measuring sensors against damage.

Measuring Functions:

  • Wind speed – maximum/average
  • Units in m/s, km/h, fpm, mph, kn and bft , switchable
  • Temperature and wind chill
  •  Units °C and °F, switchable


  • Dual display
  • „One-button operation for holding data
  • „Waterproof and shockproof housing
  • Lanyard
  • Integrated hard cover for protection against damage and dirt
  • Tripod thread


Useful for...

Chemical Handling