Stihl Advance X-Shell Jacket (Peat/Black)

Stihl Advance X-Shell Jacket (Peat/Black)

Stihl Advance X-Shell Jacket (Peat/Black)

£166.67 excl. VAT

£200.00 incl. VAT

Stihl XShell Jacket, developed and manufactured by Schoeffel exclusively for STIHL. Highly elastic, fast-drying and warm. Functional zones; the black areas are water-resistant and breathable, the coloured zones are waterproof and breathable. With breast pocket, inside pocket and rip protection on the shoulders, plus arm pocket and reflective piping.

Colour – Peat/Black – also available in Orange/Black

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Standard Features

Black Zone

The black zones are highly beathable while being water repellent at the same time

Coloured Zone (Peat)

The orange coloured zones are waterproof with good moisture transmission rate

Silver Zone

The silver zones are thorn and dirt repellent

Shoulder protection

A shoulder patch not sewn to allow the wearer to comfortably carry tools on the shoulder without the risk of damaging the waterproof element of the orange X-Shell zone