Stihl AutoCut 27-2 Strimmer & Mowing Head

Stihl AutoCut 27-2 Strimmer & Mowing Head

Stihl AutoCut 27-2 Strimmer & Mowing Head

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The STIHL AutoCut 27-2 mowing head is ideal for trimming and mowing grass with various STIHL brushcutters and clearing saws. When working professionally, especially with STIHL cordless brushcutters, the mowing head’s low weight means that you benefit from excellent balance and pleasant handling.

Full Details

The practical STIHL AutoCut 27-2 semi-automatic two-line mowing head impresses with its particularly easy handlingTap the ground to readjust the mowing line. The STIHL AutoCut 27-2 mowing head is fitted with the STIHL round and quiet mowing line with a diameter of 2.4 mm as standard. A large selection of suitable mowing lines ensures that you are equipped for every mowing application. Thanks to the ergonomic pressure surfaces, you can easily open the mowing head even when wearing gloves, and simply remove the reel to conveniently refill the mowing line.

A retrofittable reel with metal guard is available as an accessory for the mowing head. Thanks to the metal insert in the main wear area, it is particularly suitable for removing grass and weeds on enclosed surfaces such as paving or asphalt. This spool insert has double the service life compared to the STIHL standard spool inserts.

You can use the STIHL AutoCut 27-2 mowing head with the following brushcutters and clearing saws from STIHL:

STIHL AutoCut 27-2 (order number: 4002 820 2302):

Petrol brushcutters and backpack petrol clearing saws

  • STIHL FS 55
  • STIHL FS 56
  • STIHL FS 56 C-E
  • STIHL FS 70 C-E
  • STIHL FS 89
  • STIHL FS 91
  • STIHL FS 94 C-E
  • STIHL FS 111
  • STIHL FS 131
  • STIHL FS 240 C-E
  • STIHL FR 131 T
  • STIHL FR 410 C-E
  • STIHL FR 460 TC-EM

Cordless brushcutters

  • FSA 130
  • FSA 130 R
  • FSA 135
  • FSA 135 R

Petrol KombiEngines

  • KM 56 RC-E
  • KM 94 RC-E
  • KM 111 R
  • KM 131 R

Cordless KombiEngines

  • KMA 130 R
  • KMA 135 R

The AutoCut 27-2 is also suitable for the discontinued STIHL FS 80, FS 85, FS 120, FS 235, FS 250, STIHL FS 260 R, FR 235, FR 480 C brushcutters and clearing saws.