Stihl DuroCut 20-2 Strimmer & Brushcutter Head

Stihl DuroCut 20-2 Strimmer & Brushcutter Head

Stihl DuroCut 20-2 Strimmer & Brushcutter Head

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£41.30 incl. VAT

New STIHL DuroCut heads will be a popular choice, as they can be very easily filled from the outside with cut lengths of line, including a new extra tough serrated line that comes ready in pre-cut lengths.  This makes them ideal for both occasional and professional users – the former wanting simplicity and the latter demanding speed when re-filling their line head.

Filling the new DuroCut heads is a simple and quick task, with no more dismantling heads or need to wind-on long lengths of mowing line.   Instead the user pre-cuts the mowing line to specified lengths, and then feeds it into a sleeve where it is clamped secure and ready to get straight to work.  Each of the new DuroCut heads can be fitted with two mowing lines; the larger DuroCut 40-4 can use four lines when fitted to STIHL’s powerful clearing saws.

New pre-cut ‘serrated’ mowing line

Complementing the new DuroCut heads and adding more to their appeal, a new specially developed ‘serrated’ mowing line is extremely wear-resistant for longer life.  Its distinctive black ‘serrations’ are staggered on opposite sides of the hexagonal profiled line, which acts more aggressively than standard round nylon line, making it ideal for cutting back long grass and weeds.

The serrated mowing line is available only in pre-cut lengths and comes in three diameters to fit the choice of DuroCut heads and is simply identified by its bronze, silver or gold coloured core.