Stihl Dynamic Jacket

Stihl Dynamic Jacket

Stihl Dynamic Jacket

£120.83 excl. VAT

£145.00 incl. VAT

Comfortable jacket designed to withstand tough environments and more demanding jobs.

Anthracite with large areas of high-visibility orange for improved visibility
Soft-shell collar, comfortable stretch insert on the back, reinforced and preformed elbows, elasticated wristbands, made from a breathable material with ventilation zips under the arms
Four practical pockets for storing mobile phone and other accessories
Awarded the KWF Pro quality mark
No chainsaw protection.

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Standard features

Minimal weight
The new cut protection inserts generation is 30% lighter, making the STIHL DYNAMIC forest work clothing our lightest Class 1 clothing.

Beaver Extreme outer fabric
Provides the necessary robustness; the critical wear points are reinforced with thorn-resistant material.

The breathable material of STIHL DYNAMIC forestry work clothing ensures that excess heat and sweat is dissipated to the outside. The simultaneous flow of fresh air ensures a healthy temperature equilibrium.

Elasticated wristbands
The elasticated wristbands with Velcro fastening prevent dirt and sawdust from getting in.

Optimal body temperature
The cut protection material has 75% better air permeability (EN 9237) and approximately 21% lower thermal insulation (ISO 5085-1) compared to previous materials.

In winter, the clothing insulates body heat. The left infrared image (blue stands for cold) shows clothing with high thermal insulation. In summer, excess heat escapes through the ventilation material. The image on the right (yellow/ red stands for warm/ very warm) shows the clothing with working ventilation.

Ventilation zips
Adjustable vents can be opened or closed as needed. Thus, the temperature can be controlled depending on the physical work taking place and outdoor temperature.

Vents and mesh lining
Ventilation zips and the mesh lining provide optimal ventilation of the jackets, even if the zips are closed.

Special insulating fabric
Outside dirt, water and wind-repellent polyamide. Cotton inside, which is comfortable to wear. Good insulation properties.

Perfect fit
With optimum style and high elastic, 30-34% stretchable in both directions of stretch material, each part fits exactly to the body’s contours and movements. Nothing is constrained.

Stretch zone
Stretch material included in high movement areas for greater comfort.

Waterproof material
Material is waterproof whilst remaining breathable

Thorn resistant
Heavy duty, thorn resistant material

Visible design
To see and be seen are important aspects of accident prevention due to the varying lighting conditions in the forest. Therefore, large areas of bright or reflective colours are integral to STIHL clothing.