Armorgard Strimmersafe Rack

Armorgard Strimmersafe Rack

Armorgard Strimmersafe Rack

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The unique upright storage system for securing your strimmers. Strimmers are among the most commonly stolen power tools. The StrimmerSafe Rack™ keeps your strimmers secure and organised while maximising storage space. This unique multi-purpose storage system can be used to secure up to five strimmers, or similar machines such as hedge cutters and chainsaws. Robustly constructed, with twin 5-lever deadlocks and a hinged heavy-duty welded lid; the unit can also be bolted to a wall for added security. The base is fitted with a bunded drip tray to contain accidental spills of oil or fuel.

Strimmersafe Rack External: 2055x365x2085  Weight: 93KG

Full Details

  • Multi-purpose – can also be used for storing hedge cutters, leaf blowers, chainsaws, etc
  • Keep strimmers organised while maximising storage space
  • Storage of up to 5 strimmers
  • Powder coated for maximum durability
  • High security – 5-lever deadlocks, serial numbered for easy key replacement
  • Lid is fitted with 2 hydraulic gas arms for easy lifting (G300S)
  • Highly secure unit to protect your valuable equipment from theft and damage
  • Ideal for landscapers and green keepers
  • Facility for bolting to a wall
  • Liquid-tight base contains any accidental spills of oil or fuel
  • Hydraulic gas arms in lid
  • Provision for bolting back to the wall
  • Hooks
  • Liquid-tight base