CF Valve Yellow 1 Bar, Red 1.5 Bar

CF Valve Yellow 1 Bar, Red 1.5 Bar

CF Valve Yellow 1 Bar, Red 1.5 Bar

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CF Spray Management Valve
The CF Spray Management Valve is designed to provide a constant flow of fluid, regardless of the input pressure. It also functions as a check valve and is designed to shut off at pre-set operating pressures. The body and passages of the CF are constructed from high grade Delrin®, with the throttle pin and springs made from stainless steel. Testing from the Imperial College, UK shows 1700+ hours of continual use without wear or damage. Body is tamper proof.

Full Details

  • Controls liquid flow rate
  • Constructed from high grade Delrin®
  • Light weight and short
  • Automatic turn on and off
  • Accurate to +-1.5%
  • Adds accuracy to your knapsack applications
  • Colours: 1 Bar is yellow, 1.5 Bar is red
  • Consistent application pressure
  • Optimises chemical application rate
  • Optimised efficacy
  • Better control gives environmental benefits
  • Ends pressure fall off
  • Essential for compression sprayers accuracy
  • Approved of by regulatory bodies

The Gate CFValve™ is designed to provide a constant rate of fluid flow at a preset pressure when coupled with a
down-stream orifice. Once the threshold operating pressure is reached, the fluid rate remains constant
regardless of the input pressure. Should the input pressure fall below the threshold pressure, the CFValve™ will
close and shut off the fluid flow. The CFValve™ is non-adjustable and is available with operating pressures, up to
100psi, in three body sizes.

At rest, the Gate CFValve’s™ diaphragm is held against the sealing ring, effectively closing the CFValve™. The
fluid enters the inlet side of the CFValve™ and flows around the metering pin. The CFValve™ remains in the
closed position until there is sufficient pressure to overcome the spring force. As the inlet pressure increases, the
diaphragm retracts, moving the metering pin, which then throttles the fluid flow through the valve body. Under
conditions where the input pressure varies, the spring modulates the diaphragm and pin assembly, reducing or
increasing the input orifice area, thereby controlling the fluid flow.

Useful for...

Chemical Handling