CF Valve Yellow 1 Bar, Red 1.5 Bar

CF Valve Yellow 1 Bar, Red 1.5 Bar

CF Valve Yellow 1 Bar, Red 1.5 Bar

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CF Spray Management Valve
The CF Spray Management Valve is designed to provide a constant flow of fluid, regardless of the input pressure. It also functions as a check valve and is designed to shut off at pre-set operating pressures. The body and passages of the CF are constructed from high grade Delrin®, with the throttle pin and springs made from stainless steel. Testing from the Imperial College, UK shows 1700+ hours of continual use without wear or damage. Body is tamper proof.

Full Details

  • Controls liquid flow rate
  • Constructed from high grade Delrin®
  • Light weight and short
  • Automatic turn on and off
  • Accurate to +-1.5%
  • Adds accuracy to your knapsack applications
  • Colours: 1 Bar is yellow, 1.5 Bar is red
  • Consistent application pressure
  • Optimises chemical application rate
  • Optimised efficacy
  • Better control gives environmental benefits
  • Ends pressure fall off
  • Essential for compression sprayers accuracy
  • Approved of by regulatory bodies

Useful for...

Chemical Handling