Haix Protector Pro 2.0 Chainsaw Boot

Haix Protector Pro 2.0 Chainsaw Boot

Haix Protector Pro 2.0 Chainsaw Boot

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Professional gardeners and forest rangers often encounter danger in the shape of muddy surfaces and falling branches and also face the potential hazard of working with chainsaws. The Protector Pro by HAIX will help keep you safe whatever you are doing.

Certified health and safety at work for forest rangers – cut protection class 1

Full Details

The HAIX Protector Pro has been awarded the “KWF PROFI” seal of quality by the German Forestry Advisory Board to indicate that it fulfils all the relevant safety standards in this regard.

A cut protection boot offers extra peace of mind for those who work with chainsaws. The Protector Pro has been categorised as providing class 1 cut protection (tested at a chainsaw speed of 20 m/s).

The tip of the boot also features a steel toe cap to help avoid any injuries that may potentially be caused by falling objects such as branches or tools.

Slip resistant on any surface

The deep tread of the Protector Pro ensures a firm foothold on any surface, including wet tree trunks or icy cartways. The rubber used in the construction of the sole is extremely abrasion resistant. It will not wear down easily, even with frequent use.

The robust sole is also resistant to oil and petrol as well as being colour fast. It provides outstanding insulation against the heat and cold. Your feet will not become cold, even in snowy and icy conditions.

Dry feet – whatever the weather

The HAIX Protector Pro is easily able to deal with rain and damp. A four-ply GORE-TEX® membrane means that no drops of water and other liquids can penetrate the boot whilst expelling sweat at the same time. All of this keeps your feet feeling fresh and comfortable, even after finishing a strenuous day’s work.

Upper material 

  • The Protector Pro is manufactured in high quality black bull leather
  • And fulfils the standards of cut protection calls 1.
  • An additional rubber toe cap at the tip of the boot helps to prevent wear and tear.
  • Special pigments in the leather reflect the sun’s rays to avoid any overheating, even at the height of summer.
  • The Protector Pro is fastened using a classical lacing system. High quality hooks ensure that the laces can be quickly and easily adjusted.

Inner lining, footbed and inlays 

  • A four-ply GORE-TEX® membrane provides water resistance and a high degree of breathability.
  • The inner lining of the boot provides comfort of wear at all times of the year.
  • The heel cup is extremely flexible and allows you to kneel down easily without creating any pressure points.
  • A fast-drying insole in the footbed absorbs sweat immediately and may be removed and washed if required.
  • An additional fleece insole also helps to absorb any residual moisture.
  • A toe cap integrated into the tip of the boot prevents any injuries that may potentially be caused by falling objects.
  • An impact-absorbing PU wedge cushions your steps as you go and thus decreases strain on the back and joints.


  • The HAIX Protector Pro has a deep tread to guarantee a firm grip on any terrain.
  • The sole is manufactured in an abrasion-resistant and anti-slip rubber compound.
  • It provides outstanding insulation against the heat and cold
  • As well as being resistant to oil and petrol.
  • The sole of the Protector Pro also offers puncture resistance to protect you against any sharp objects that you may encounter underfoot.
  • It is colour fast and thus will not leave any dark marks on light-coloured floors or white tiles.

The HAIX Protector Pro is the perfect cut protection boot for rangers and forestry workers. It provides enhanced protection against chainsaw injuries and falling objects. A flexible heel cup guarantees you freedom of movement when crouching down during the course of your work. Order these comfortable and secure professional boots now.