Husqvarna Balance XT Harness

Husqvarna Balance XT Harness

Husqvarna Balance XT Harness

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Wide, padded, and body-hugging straps make the harness comfortable to wear and reduce stress on the upper body and shoulders. The straps have reflex material to make work safer in dim conditions.  Also on the hip belt, easy to reach, a pocket is placed to hold a mobile or other tool. The floating pad system reduces strain on the back and requires less energy when working and can be connected in a grass- or forest position. Easy adjustment in the front can be used in two different positions for optimized comfort for both men and women.

Full Details

Adjustable backplate

Body shaped backplate for support. Can be adjusted in three different positions to fit different body sizes.

Pivoting shoulder straps

The shoulder straps follows the movements of the shoulders and gives an improved weight distribution.

Adjustable chestplate

Adjustable chest plate in two different positions. In lower position the load is transferred from the shoulders to the hip, and the pressure over the chest is reduced. The reduced pressure over the chest is an important benefit for women.

Hip pad

The shock absorbing hip pad will protect the hip from strain, and help the user to work easier and with a larger room for movement.

Ergo fit 5/5

Ergonomically designed.