Husqvarna LC 347V Lawn Mower

Husqvarna LC 347V Lawn Mower

Husqvarna LC 347V Lawn Mower

£511.82 excl. VAT

£614.18 incl. VAT

Durable and high-quality mower for easy, convenient, comfortable mowing and a perfect-looking lawn. Smart solutions such as foldable handles, variable speed, and easy adjust cutting height reduce effort and ensure excellent cutting results. Top class collection leaves fewer clippings on the lawn, leaving it neat and tidy.

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No need for priming the engine. Just pull the starter cord and you are ready to start mowing the lawn.

Easy adjust cutting height

A well balanced one hand grip makes adjustment of cutting height extra easy and convenient.

Ergonomic handle bar

The ergonomic angle of the handle bar in combination with easy to reach bail arms makes operation easier.

Composite chassis

Durable and light chassis, designed for best collection performance.