Jacto DJB-S20 Battery Operated Knapsack Smart Sprayer 20L

Jacto DJB-S20 Battery Operated Knapsack Smart Sprayer 20L

Jacto DJB-S20 Battery Operated Knapsack Smart Sprayer 20L

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DJB-S20 Battery Backpack Smart Doser & Sprayer

The first in the world with smartphone connectivity! With the Jacto Smart Control App you can adjust the application rate of the products in your crop. The new battery powered backpack Doser and Sprayer has more autonomy and you can monitor the region and quantity of products applied at the end of the day. Click here and download it now on Google Play.

*Please note app is currently only available on android smartphones however Apple will be available soon!* The sprayer can still be used as normal without the app.

If you would like any advice or further information on sprayer options please call 01948 807003 or email richard@pte-doncaster.co.uk

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Full Details

Electronic Panel: designed to make it easier to adjust your spraying and application of doses:

– Choose the exact dose of the product to be applied

– Pressure level from 15 to 60 psi

– Control of steps during spraying and in the application interval of doses

– Screen lock to not change the application

– View battery charge level

Deluxe Strap: innovative, favours the operator’s ergonomics by dividing the weight of the tank into 03 points on the body:

– Protects shoulders with padded buckles

– Keeps the operator in an upright position with the chest strap

– Protect your back from bumps and scrapes with the lumbar pad

Filter and Agitator: for better operation and maintenance, the Jacto DJB-S has the pump filter cover on the external side of the equipment. The mixture agitator can be activated by an external lever.

Nozzle Kit: Additional kit that allows even more flexibility and spray options for your routine.

Battery JB-1680: 3 years warranty and superior quality, this li-ion battery has a longer useful life than other batteries used on the market, in addition it maintains voltage, allowing constant spraying from start to finish.

Two modes of operation

The Jacto DJB-S came to bring greater flexibility to the producer! There are two modes of operation that increase the area of operation of this innovative equipment.

The dosing mode allows the application of adjustable doses, between 5 and 500 ml, in a predetermined period of time. Just pull the trigger once, Jacto DJB-S does the rest for you automatically! For irregular spaces, we also have manual mode!

The sprayer mode has 5 levels of pressure and can be used in several plantations.


  • Only 5 hours to charge the battery.
  • Capacity, 20 litres.
  • Diaphragm pump with pump suction filter.
  • High-density Polyethylene tank.
  • Soft-padded – full body comfort harness.
  • Removable lightweight lithium ion battery.
  • Audible low battery warning.
  • Constant pressure, regardless of the level of the battery.
  • Smart control panel with diagnostics and app connectivity
  • Heavy duty trigger valve, field serviceable.
  • Stainless steel 60cm Lance.
  • 135cm chemical resistant hose
  • No pumping required.
  • Less fatigue.
  • Lightweight – DJB-S20 is 5.9Kg .
  • 3 Year Warranty, see the Owners Manual for details.