Stein 200cm SKY-Anchor

Stein 200cm SKY-Anchor

Stein 200cm SKY-Anchor

£42.50 excl. VAT

£51.00 incl. VAT

The STEIN SKY-Anchor manufactured in the UK has been tested and Certified to both CE & UKCA standards. Fully certified to EN 795B:2012 ensuring all components of the SKY-Anchor are perfectly compatible with one another.

Available to purchase as a standalone Friction Saver or as an Adjustable Friction Saver.

The Adjustable version is supplied with the STEIN RingLoop (SS-3710123R40) which is also independently tested to EN 795B:2012 as a stand alone product. When attached to the SKY-Anchor using a Three Wrap Prusik this transforms the Standard SKY-Anchor into a fully length adjustable version.

Both the standard and adjustable SKY-Anchor are fully retrievable from the ground.

  • 200cm version ideal for use on limbs 45cm diameter