Stein OMEX-10 Spiderleg Sling 10mm/5.0M

Stein OMEX-10 Spiderleg Sling 10mm/5.0M

Stein OMEX-10 Spiderleg Sling 10mm/5.0M

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Spiderleg Balancer slings are a simple way of cradling branches giving you the control whilst rigging and dismantling trees.

The sling can be attached to your rigging line with a Klemhiest or Prusik knot. It is recommended that the diameter of the Balancer should be 2mm less than the rigging rope being used to ensure it grips properly.

Multiple Balancers can be attached to the line if more than two attachment points are required.

Manufactured from STEIN OMEX-12 a 12-strand single braid rope that offers high strength with low stretch and outstanding abrasion resistance. OMEX has a two end per carrier construction which creates a larger void in the middle of the rope which makes it easier to splice. The coating helps reduces the new ropes tendency to snag, greatly enhances abrasion resistance.

Use of this product: It is not possible to cover every eventuality relating to the use of this equipment. Purchasers and users of these products should seek professional training from a fully qualified and competent instructor prior to use. If you are not able, or not in a position to assume this responsibility, do not use this product. The manufacturer its distributors and retailers do not accept any liability for its improper use.

This product requires inspection prior to being put in to service and prior to each time it is used. DO NOT SHOCK LOAD THIS PRODUCT