Stein COPIOUS RingLoop R40

Stein COPIOUS RingLoop R40

Stein COPIOUS RingLoop R40

£30.00 excl. VAT

£36.00 incl. VAT

STEIN – COPIOUS RingLoop R40 Sling

the STEIN RingLoop is also independently tested and certified to EN 795B:2012 as a stand alone product. When attached to the SKY-Anchor using a Three Wrap Prusik this transforms the Standard SKY-Anchor into a fully length adjustable version.

Friction cords which contain elements of Polyester require rigorous inspection on a regular basis before, during, and after each climb.(Please refer to the supplied User Manuals)

STEIN P-TEC accessory cord is a construction consisting of a polyester/technora cover and a polyester core makes this rope highly abrasion resistant, grippy, and heat resistant.

● Independently Tested in configuration with STEIN Lines ACR32 / OMEGA 32/12