Stihl Advance X-Vent Helmet

Stihl Advance X-Vent Helmet

Stihl Advance X-Vent Helmet

£80.00 excl. VAT

£80.00 incl. VAT

Vented helmet with slim profile ear protectors for comfort and mobility during operation and with the ratchet adjustment headband it’s simple to set-up. Reflective stickers are visible from all angles to aid safe working. The sturdy spring steel mesh visor allows up to 80% light visibility for a protected and clear view.

Full Details

Standard features

Protective visor
For protection from sunlight, rain, snow or debris.

Spring steel mesh
By far the highest light transmission values. Very robust grid, honeycomb-like structure. Stainless steel material.

Helmet Ventilation
The thermography shows the new helmet set ADVANCE X-Vent / Vent with its ventilation openings distributed over the entire helmet shell allowing the heat to escape better for greater comfort.

Technical data
Ear protection
SNR 29 (H: 34. M: 27. L: 19)
Weight g
Helmet material
Light penetration %
75 –80