Stihl Smart Connector 2A Fleet Management System

Stihl Smart Connector 2A Fleet Management System

Stihl Smart Connector 2A Fleet Management System

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STIHL connected is a cloud based system that enables professional users to digitally manage machine fleets and work assignments.

The Smart Connector 2 A connects directly into the control module of selected professional AP System battery machines. As well as runtime, Smart Connector 2 A also collects information on the operating speed, the status of individual electronic components and ambient temperature. Also features a real time clock, meaning the data is collected accurately regardless of how often the connector syncs with a smartphone, so you can see when and for how long the tool was used. Pressing the button on the Smart Connector 2 A gives a quick indication of the status of the machine via an LED light, and highlights if a maintenance task is due. The LED can also be used in conjunction with the STIHL connected App to identify individual machines (by lighting up a LED on the connector) in large fleets. The Smart Connector 2 A offers entirely new functions and services, as a basis for device management both in your garden using the STIHL connected App, and for managing your machine fleet using the STIHL connected Portal. The STIHL connected Portal gives you a detailed overview of the status of your fleet of tools, as well as information such as duration of use on a particular work assignment.

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You can view power tool availability, analyse machine usage; plan and manage work tasks with associated resources; and analyse machine data, which you can then use to optimise your daily work processes. The Smart Connector 2 A also provides information about upcoming tool maintenance and, if needed, the system can arrange a workshop appointment directly with a STIHL Approved Dealer. Service-related tool data can also be shared with the dealer with your permission, so they can plan the servicing work in advance and order any necessary spare parts. This can shorten service times so the tool is quickly ready for use again.

STIHL connected App
The STIHL app also offers users a compact overview of the most important information about their device fleet, such as e.g. the operating hours, the device status including upcoming maintenance or repairs, as well as the information which devices are currently nearby and which are not.

STIHL connected Portal
Before, during and after each professional use: achieve a better overview of work with the extended functions offered by the free-of-charge STIHL connected Portal. Comprehensive digital fleet management creates reliability of planning, reduces maintenance times, and ensures efficient coordination and management of your power tools.


Visit: STIHL connected FAQs to find out more.

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