Teufelberger ropeBUCKET 50L

Teufelberger ropeBUCKET 50L

Teufelberger ropeBUCKET 50L

£179.03 excl. VAT

£214.84 incl. VAT

All of the bags are very strong-transporting weights of up to 100 kg.

However, they must not be used for lifting loads and people!

The ropeBUCKET is:

  • Extremely robust and stable
  • Breathable
  • Permeable to moisture and water
  • Provided with a system of perforations for the easy and fast attachment of frequently needed work equipment
  • Durable, since the ropes and the carrying straps can be replaced

Full Details

ropeBUCKET – the unique transport and storage bags from TEUFELBERGER.

They are made of the same material as our proven TEUFELBERGER treeMOTION harnesses and are therefore very robust.

  • ropeBUCKET 80 l: This is the biggest of the bags, with a storage volume of 80 litres. Shoulder straps and a comfort handle make it very easy to carry.
  • ropeBUCKET 50 l: This 50-litre bag also comes with shoulder straps and the comfort handle,which make it easy to carry. It fits into the 80-litre bag.