Arbpro Cervino Wood S3 Black Class 3 Chainsaw Boots

Arbpro Cervino Wood S3 Black Class 3 Chainsaw Boots

Arbpro Cervino Wood S3 Black Class 3 Chainsaw Boots

£250.00 excl. VAT

£250.00 incl. VAT

Arbpro Cervino Wood S3 Class 3 Chainsaw Boots are a specialist boots for forestry and tree surgeons manufactured by ‘Andrew’, a brand that satisfies all the needs and requirements of everyone who loves activities in contact with nature. Their range of footwear is purposefully designed for Outdoor, Hunting, Fishing and Recreation.

Technological and comfortable boots and made with the best materials and components.

Steel toe cap.

Full Details

  • Features
    • Heavy duty Vibram® rubber sole
    • Each Vibram® sole has been designed to offer maximum performance, comfort and durability to even the most demanding user.
    • Perwanger Water Repellent Leather
    • The best leather is decisive for the quality of a boot. Perwanger leather – from the heart of Tyrolean Alps – is a natural product. WATER-REPELLENT, BREATHABLE, ROBUST AND RESISTANT AGAINST SCRATCHING
    • As one of the world’s leading specialists in innovative functional systems for clothing, footwear and accessories. SympaTex is the first manufacturer in Europe to develop environmentally friendly, 100% waterproof, 100% windproof membranes and laminates with optimal breathability.
    • higH2Out® – additional comfort through active temperature regulation. The extra-absorbent layer of the back of the membrane soaks up sweat in seconds, spreads it over a large area and expels the moisture even more quickly, leaving the skin pleasant and dry feeling.