Eco Plug Max (Box of 100)

Eco Plug Max (Box of 100)

Eco Plug Max (Box of 100)

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Ecoplug Max® is a fast, safe and highly effective tree stump killer. Once a tree is felled, most varieties will shoot new growth and rapidly grow to cause the same problem they were felled for.

Each Ecoplug contains water soluble granules containing 720g/kg glyphosate, which when hit into a stump is released into the Xylem & Phloem of the tree. This kills the tree stump therefore controlling tree stump re-growth.

Ecoplug Max® can be used in a variety of areas including amenity areas, forestry, rail & motorway embankments, near water courses and around buildings. It can be used in all weather conditions and will not cause any effect to neighbouring trees.

Simply drill the required amount of holes with the set depth drill bit, insert the Ecoplug Max® into the hole and then hit with a hammer to ensure the plug finishes flush with the top of the stump.

Please also see associated drill bit for accurate application

Full Details

– 95-100% efficacy on treated stumps.

– 100% selective with no effect on surrounding trees or vegetation.

– Extends the interval between clearings compared with cutting alone.

– Effective on a wide range of tree species.

– Reduces the risks of operator contact with chemical.

– Reduces the risk of chemical wash off or spillage.

– No risk of over dosing.

– Supports the requirements of the Sustainable Use Directive to minimise herbicide use.

– Supports the requirements of the Water Framework Directive to prevent contamination of waterways with pesticides.