Espegard Fire Pan 60

Espegard Fire Pan 60

Espegard Fire Pan 60

£265.83 excl. VAT

£319.00 incl. VAT

Espegard have been making fire pits and accessories for the Nordic market for decades.  The Fire Pan 60 is their biggest selling model, with over 500,000 sold in Norway alone.

The Fire Pan 60 lets you enjoy crackling fires and cozy barbecues. Equally at home in the garden, at the campsite, or on the beach. Espegard’s Fire Pan is the perfect outdoor fire place.

The 60cm fire pan is a high quality product, crafted from durable materials. Owners love the simple and functional design.

There are lots of wonderful accessories that can compliment the fire pan. Fancy boiling coffee, grilling waffles and toast or cooking a stew over an open fire?

Espegard’s Fire Pan is very popular throughout Scandinavia. The iconic design is a recognisable sight in homes throughout the Nordic region.

The body of the pan is made of enamelled steel – offering protection from high heat and rust.