Silky Hayate 6100 27′ Polesaw

Silky Hayate 6100 27′ Polesaw

Silky Hayate 6100 27′ Polesaw

£352.26 excl. VAT

£422.71 incl. VAT

The ultimate in pole saws, HAYATE’s oval profile, lightweight aluminium pole gives greater strength and rigidity. A cushion tip handle helps reduce pole damage. The comfort grip rubber covered handle maintains a slip free surface, even when wet, and reduces fatigue.

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The high-tech curved blade is made from a special alloy steel that maintains a superior cutting edge, while its taper ground profile reduces drag. The ultra sharp non-set tooth design provides outstanding performance and leaves a silky smooth surface. Hard chrome plating resists resin and prevents corrosion.

The main blade is designed for a wide range of pruning tasks, the lower sickle blade can be used on small branches. The saw can be used with or without the easily removed sickle blade. Both blade and sickle can be re-sharpened.

HAYATE 3 extensions reaches 6.1m