Stihl FS 3Protect Brushcutter Trousers

Stihl FS 3Protect Brushcutter Trousers

Stihl FS 3Protect Brushcutter Trousers

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£105.00 incl. VAT

Brushcutter trousers with a triple function: impact protection, thorn and water resistance. Good breathable properties. Robust outer fabric, high cotton content and 18% durable stretch. Ventilation zips on the back of the thighs. Two hip pockets with zip, back pocket and tape measure pocket on the right. Thigh pocket with integrated mobile phone pocket on the left. No chafing from the brushcutter harness thanks to the special loops for braces (accessory) which ensure the braces lie flat.

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Standard Features

Adjustable ventilation openings

Adjustable vents can be opened or closed as needed. Thus, the temperature can be controlled depending on the physical work taking place and outdoor temperature.

Breathable fabrics

Breathable fabrics in STIHL forestry work suits carry surplus heat outwards. At the same time, fresh air is introduced to maintain a comfortable temperature equilibrium.

Knee protection

Knee pads can be inserted to protect the knee whether working in the garden, forest or workshop.

Thorn protection

Robust material prevents injuries from thorns

Stretch zone

Stretch material included in high movement areas for greater comfort.

Leg protectors

The additional leg protectors can be inserted into the inside pocket. They are made of breathable material that also distributes the impact over the material surface.

Impact protection

The entire front leg area of the STIHL brushcutter trousers is protected by a special material with impact protection